KERB’S Guiltiest Pleasures


Did you see my Instagram video? It pretty much summarised this event! Who cares if it’s raining and the atmosphere is a bit dull? KERB still came out valiantly to bring colour to the greyed streets of Kings Cross with cool dance moves, throwback tunes and crazy food in their special weekend freebie – Guiltiest Pleasures!

Their aim: to put the right back into your wrong by doing away with the norms of food.

How: by getting 13 street food traders to shove it in your face with some outlandish munches.

Take a look at some of them below!


Only Jerkin

It’s mango, coconut, and honey cream soda battered fried chicken. With banana waffles. And rum flavoured ice cream. Need I say more? My main reason for coming to this event was for ridiculous meals like this chicken and waffles with a twist, and the best part was that it worked! The fried chicken was cooked to a very satiating standard along with its unique yet subtle fruity batter, working well with its waffled partner in crime to form the renowned stars and stripes combo. Add some rummed up ice cream and shove all three bad boys in your mouth to create this ‘calorified’ explosion of sweet and savoury greatness!



Other Side Fried

Also dishing out the madness is Other Side’s smoked honey butter fried chicken, crispy bacon and pickled blueberry buttermilk pancake bun. Sounds like a mouthful? Well it was. Again the fried chicken was perfectly cooked, topped with unctuous bacon and zingy blueberry jam while cushioned in doughy pancakes. A fantasized sandwich made reality thanks to these guys.




We calmed down a bit with good old classic Scampi and Chips, moreish and perfectly fried were the chips while the scampi had a nice crisp batter with the expected shrimpy mush inside. However, though I don’t like being ‘salty’ when it comes to food… I must say the chips simply had too much salt, while the scampi were a bit too seasoned. Luckily the sauce glazed on top gave it a special edge.



Vicky’s Donuts

Why I didn’t grab the Strawberry milkshake filled donut from this place I will never know! I’m now ‘filled’ with regret! But they looked amazing and I really do hope to try them someday. What I did try however was a mini Lucky Charms donut, a malted milk glaze with the trademark oats and colourful marshmallows sprinkled on top, creating a tasty little munch for a cereal and donut lover such as myself.



KERB’s Guiltiest Pleasures not only proved that junky dreams can come true with no shame attached, it also proved that you don’t need sunshine and glam to bring colour to a dreary weathered London day – just some  personality, heart, rhythm and soul food!

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