Japanese Sausages

Yeah, I’m covering food from the Far East again, it’s good stuff and I will never stop loving it!

Today’s post needs to be shouted from the rooftops, because ever since this meaty marvel entered my taste memory – it’s never left.

The story began when I was wandering through the streets of Tokyo some years back. Hungry for culture, and food, I wandered into the reputable seven-eleven chain store in search of munch. To my welcomed surprise there was a food stand smack bang on the side of the counter containing nothing but Japanese street food (deep fried carbs) being sold for an average coinage of 100 yen: that’s like 70p! So naturally I try a bit of everything, I mean I’ve just found a small section of seventh heaven (in seven eleven!), sampling each portion like a sophisticated pig in mud. After rummaging and munching elegantly through the karokkes, karaages and patties, the snack that stood out to me, unforeseen, was the corndog (is that Japanese??), not just because of its beautiful coat of golden batter, but because of the ridiculously ‘foodgasmic’ taste… of the sausage.

Fast forward to present times and I stumble upon (by accident) the same soft pink mush that lived in that corndog batter and blessed my taste buds – in Central London’s Japan Centre! So I’m very chuffed that I now have the privilege to hype it on my blog.


These smoky and succulent little wieners should not be underestimated by their small size and lack of appearance, you also shouldn’t assume it will be simply churned pork with a twist, they’re so much more than that! You see, these little porkers literally ‘burst’ with flavour, as in the moment you bite into the natural skin, smoked and perfectly seasoned sausage ‘juice’ literally pours on to your taste buds, as if the stock from freshly ovened meat refused to leave the body. They may as well be savoury water balloons!

I don’t know the science behind it, and can only state the obvious ingredients on the back of the packaging. But the sensation of it is indescribably insane! The amount of flavour in the juice is hair raising, and really lives up to the name of umami (my favourite food word). You can thank Nippon Ham Foods for the skill that’s gone in to this recipe.


Cooked or uncooked, you have the same juicy effect, and a pack of 10 can be yours for only £2.69!

So please!

Buy yours now!

This is not an advertisement!

I just really want you to know how good these are!


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