Chicago Rib Shack: 1 rib = 1 penny

Have you ever dreamed of a magical place where mountains of meat are grilled by the minute, and each slab could be yours using merely the dust gathering pennies in your wallet or under your bed?

Well the meat lover’s dream ALMOST came true when I happened to find a Facebook event where spare ribs were to be given away for 1 penny a piece! Insane right?! Well not quite as you really only had 2 options: 3 ribs for 3 pence or 3 ribs and chips for £2 – and once you’re done… you’re done. No refills. No mountains of meat. Nada. Just the welcoming open pages of their regular menu.


This reflected in the queue when what I pictured to be East London’s biggest conga train barely reached the halfway point of the barriers. It was great for us with only a ten minute wait, but we should have read… between… the lines.

The harsh realisation sank into our deflated hearts while we sank in to our chairs to eat, but the meat itself was actually pretty good! The 3p option, succulent though skinny, held full barbecued flavour making for a pretty moreish snack. While the £2 ribs (noticeably bigger) with fries were just as scrummy.


So imagine my dismay when I couldn’t get up and put more pennies in that box, the food had delivered but the deal did not – especially when you claim to get ‘3 ribs at a time’ on your page – misleading advertisement!

Oh well, at least we got a free tote bag with goodies for our troubles.

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