Flavourtown Bakery

Just take one look through this shop window the next time you’re in Parsons Green, and you’ll see why Flavourtown is an award winning bakery. Think pink fluffy unicorns pooping rainbows, combined with the crazy cake shows you see on food channels, and you get Flavourtown Bakery. This sugary little paradise cuts a different slice of cake to the conservative London patisseries, because Flavourtown screams fun and colour! Everything is bright, bold and themed from the interior to the cakes themselves! And this post will tell you what’s baking!


What I love about the selection here is that there’s something for everyone, cake lovers, brownie lovers, marshmallow lovers, peanut lovers, rainbow lovers, etc. Even if you’re a corporate business selling insurance, there is a cake for you – since you can even print your company logos on cakes here!

What’s also great about the cakes here is the high quality – none of that stale, left overnight, out of the fridge rubbish that some stores try to pull. Everything is freshly hand-baked early in the morning, using ‘real McCoy’ ingredients like France’s Lescure butter, Valrhona cocoa powder and pure vanilla from Madagascar! You’d think there’d be export tax! But with cakes averaging at £4 a pop, it is a pretty fair deal – they are in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham after all.


It’s also fair once you get a taste of the quality and love put in to each creation. The looks are outstandingly gorgeous in their own right, but you don’t buy cakes just to stare at them!

Starting with the cupcakes, the sponge as expected is fresh and buttery no matter which flavour you buy, but what makes these cakes stand out is the icing. Personally I’m not a fan of icing – it’s just sugar and fat, but combine the quality of the icing with the crazy flavours and toppings and the cake jumps from decent to divine. The salted caramel, utterly peanut butterly and the bad ass brownie cupcakes were great! Some mouthfuls, a bit much in terms of sugar but the flavours and velvety textures were a dream, fuelling the munch with creamy cakey goodness.


The red velvet cheesecake brownie, was another stodgy block of delight, not the best brownie I’d ever scoffed due to the cream cheese not standing out very well, but it was still worth the coffers.

The pinnacles of this bakery though were my two favourites: the red velvet cookie sandwich and the crème egg scotch egg. These guys love a good holiday theme and since it was Easter when I came here, the crème egg was the exclusive of the time, a ridiculously thick shell of brownie covering the sugary embryo of crème egg – can you imagine the joy I felt when I bit in to it…? Granted it felt like a quick trip to heart attack central but it was so worth it as a big brownie fan.

Admittedly though, the cookie sandwich was even more outstanding than the scotch egg, I’d never had a cookie sandwich before but the two thick and moist red velvet cookies holding big chunks of chocolate, embracing a very sweet vanilla cream in the middle: godsend. There were no flaws, just an insane amount of happiness – if you buy anything in this store, get this – it is special!

So for a sweet-tooth looking for wonderland, Flavourtown is your stop, go for the fun, go for the colour, appreciate the quality and excitement that go in to each cake – indulge in the icing, because that’s what defines this place in my opinion. I’ll stop by again next time I’m in the area.


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