K+K Hotel George

“You don’t have to be posh to be privileged.” – said Joanna Lumley from the Privilege car advert.

This is partly thanks to the price-slashing wonders of websites like Groupon, but it is true that anyone can enjoy these fanciful delights of life, no matter what or where they come from.

I’ve always wanted to do afternoon tea, I’m not sure why… I just always imagined it to be an intriguing thing to do – an experience that would look great on my foodie CV. In this case it was my date day, where I was so privileged to be treated by the same girl who I was 90 minutes late for in my Antipodea post! – love works in mysterious ways.

This afternoon tea would take place in the modern and classy K+K Hotel George situated on the side streets of Earls Court (la di da), there was no pomp and circumstance here but we still felt obliged to dress to impress, and once seated in the dining room, I was glad we made the effort.


The setting was fresh carpet, gleaming white tables, plenty of natural lighting and wide garden doors leading out into a charming terrace, a very nice setting to do tea. The waiter gave us our ‘Instaworthy’ tea sets only minutes after we sat down – and holy crockery was I impressed with what followed.


One Earl Grey. One English breakfast. Both from Twinings and both with recommended waiting times to brew. We poured our teas, added our sugar cubes, gave them a good stir, took a sip and BAM! Heavenly liquid coating the tongue as if they took a swim in sweet gold making you feel content, at peace and very, very rich.

While absorbing the glory that was tea, our rack of sandwiches and cakes arrived along with plated scones and strawberries, cream and strawberry jam. The sliced sandwiches were assorted flavours from salmon to cucumber embedded in sourdough crust, while the mini cubed cakes ranged from brownie to spotted dick. The brownie was the best. The scones were impressively moist and went beautifully with the congealed cream and jam making a comfortable and filling snack to bulk up the sandwich rack, all while maintaining class of course.


K+K hotel gave us no disappointment, we enjoyed the food, loved the tea and cherished the experience. It doesn’t have to be here but I recommend everyone pops out for a spot of spiffing afternoon tea at least once.

Interesting fact: this afternoon tea would actually be classed as high tea – because we’re eating in a dining fashion with high backed dining chairs as opposed to relaxing in parlour chairs or a garden setting.


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