Mr Baker

I thought I’d kick-start talks about my local area foodventurers! Lovely Hendon, home to a large Jewish community while maintaining that multicultural vibe. It’s probably most known as home to the main campus of Middlesex University.

When talking food you can find cuisines from African to Polish within a one mile radius, but the cuisine that stands out in this ring would be Jewish. Those who know kosher food will understand the religious dietary laws of pure eating and the processes behind it, hence why their foods are higher in price. Yet the overall cooking style is influenced from Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, German and Eastern European cooking (for example Falafel is very popular in Jewish cuisine but can also be found in any Greek restaurant). However when combined with a touch of Jewish gastronomy and innovation, you get Jewish food.

So why am I blessing you with this wiki knowledge? Because this post is about a favoured kosher eatery of mine called Mr Baker, attracting a good portion of the Jewish community and the second Mister to be mentioned in this blog. It’s also supervised by the Kosher Federation of Synagogues – so you know they mean business – and home to many other ‘misters’ which I shall talk about in a moment.


Mr Baker, a kosher bakery as the name suggests, is located on the hidden (yet somehow well known) Brent Street which is a 10 minute walk from Hendon Central station. It’s hard to miss due to its wide and rather stylish presence from the outset. Walk inside and you enter what feels like a cafeteria where the design actually involved effort… specifically the memorable wallpaper. I mention the wallpaper because it helps identify the true uniqueness of this bakery – it’s filled with mini restaurants!


First you have Mr Baker, the bakery section selling racks of traditional breads from Challah to Jerusalem bagels before enticing your sweet tooth with cupcakes, traditional pastries and colourful macaroons, you can also take a peek at their grand food lab in the back while you shop.


Turn your body to the left and say hello to Mr Sushi! Yes sushi in a bakery – unique. Selling ranges of vivid flavours while telling the world they can turn Japanese too!


Living next to Mr Sushi is his neighbour Mr Pizza! Cooking up some acceptable pizza slices at more than reasonable sizes, don’t expect that many flavours though – it isn’t exactly Pizza Hut.


Rotate your body 90 degrees to the left to get served by Mr Pasta, a simple yet effective little bar selling not the most exciting pasta dishes in the world for £5.99.

Now for my favourite mister in the family as well as my favourite falafel place in London … Mr Falafel!

Mr Falafel is so good that he even gets his own space next door to the main Mr Baker building. Walk inside this little gem to find a friendly chef forming and frying balls of moreish and wholesome falafel. These are then placed in soft cushions of pitta bread and festooned with creamy hummus and colourful salad, before garnishing with the signature tahini sauce. While waiting you can nibble on pickles and deep fried pitta bread sticks – calorific yet addictive. A small falafel in pitta will cost you £3.00 while a normal one will cost you £4.00, and I promise you the normal falafel pitta is large and seriously satisfying.

Once you’ve visited these male inspired food dens, take a seat (in or outside) while the food is being prepped. Then be served by friendly members of staff while enjoying the atmosphere of a peaceful community.

Mr Baker would be my first on the Hendon list for a pleasant place to chill and eat some nourishing kosher food, of course paying heed to Mr Falafel. He has miles to go before reaching Michelin but I still think he’s a king in the area.

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