Mister Lasagna

I’m very excited to tell you about this one foodventurers!  Mister Lasagna, NOT a man but in fact a Lasagne restaurant, serves flavours that you never would have dreamed of in their cosy little haven on Rupert Street (and two more in Picadilly and Fitzrovia). Feel free to lust and drool through the wide shop window at the colourful shades of creamed cheeses, browned meats and yellow laced sheets of pasta on display. Or for a mere £3.50, try a half slice of heaven from their friendly team of Italian waiters and waitresses with their seductive accents and formal attire. Feeling like a normal slice won’t be enough? Upgrade to a regular for £5.90. Starving? Get a trio for a bargained £7.80 and sample three different flavours of these cheese stacked gorge fests! Be warned though the portions are not for the faint-hearted. Once seated, enjoy the holed up lounge styled restaurant area with two flat screen TVs to defeat any boredom until served.



From the classic Bolognese to the pumpkin and blue cheese, these guys will amaze you with their 21 choices of flavours. (At one point they did a Fish and Chips and Kebab Lasagna but apparently neither worked). Whenever I visit here I get the truffle flavour without fail. The truffle involves subtle yet effective truffle oil, beefy pieces of mushroom, tender sausage meats and rich flecks of parmesan. To top it off, you can add a free sauce ranging from Bolognese, white sauce, chilli and more.


Then there is the ham and cheese flavour, which is basically the dream version of your bog standard cheese and ham melt bathed and stacked in heavenly Italian carbs. The Chicken and Chorizo is another favourite, with its calm and tender chunks of chicken while the chorizo counters with its distinctive tang – again all happening in a slathered mound of pastas, cheeses and creams.


Every time I eat here is like a mini birthday, because the lasagne is so layered, dense and gorgeous that it may as well be cake worth celebrating, and the quality is so good that you would think it was a special occasion. I remember writing in a TripAdvisor review once that my only complaint is that you get stuffed too quickly to try more of the menu!  Hence being here four times and counting… I implore you to come here too the next time you are in Soho.



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